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Where does the money go??

Proceeds from our Pleasure Island Jeep Jam events stay in the local Pleasure Island community.  Not only do we support many local businesses, we are proud to also support two organizations that make significant impacts to the Pleasure Island community. 


Take a moment to learn more about Little Pink Houses of Hope and Ocean Cure.

Little Pink Houses of Hope

Little Pink Houses of Hope empowers breast cancer patients and families to live each day to the fullest, with direction, purpose, and hope for the cancer journey. We accomplish this through free, week-long vacation retreats.


While retreats offer a much-needed respite from schedules dictated by medical appointments and the heavy burden of healthcare bills, the real value of retreats is in the supportive environment that helps families rediscover hope and joy. Patients and families reconnect and cultivate relationships with each other and with volunteers and other families.  Patients and families consistently tell us Little Pink Houses of Hope is one organization that truly understands the impact of diagnosis and treatment.

Ocean Cure

Ocean Cure is a local 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to giving FREE surf lessons to medically fragile and at risk youth and adults. We at Ocean Cure believe very strongly in the powerful, emotional, and physical healing properties of the ocean and surfing. During our charity surf camps, our highly qualified instructors guide participants through their fear and apprehension around an activity that they otherwise thought impossible. Through surfing they are empowered to feel that there is no obstacle that they can not overcome. The waves extend beyond the personal experience and extend to the family members to build a positive relationship and common bond with families who are sharing the same experiences.


Ocean Cure is also dedicated to preserving our ocean environment through activism and education. 90 Days to Earth Day is a program we pioneered, which encourages kids to pick up trash along our water ways. This is in the hopes that keeping our beautiful oceans clean not only becomes a habit, but a way of life!

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